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“Jutta, you were marvelous from start to finish, we would and will recommend you to our closest of friends and family as we seem to hear of new exciting engagements so very often these days. On our honeymoon while reliving the special day we kept finding ourselves saying, oh and who and how did that aspect of the wedding get done – clearly you were doing all kinds of amazing things behind our back day-of so as to not worry us and make sure it all came together so perfectly. And really? Kimen’s dress rips part way through the night and you magically appear with all the tools and knowhow to fix it in minutes, this is one of many impressive moments, I know, but a pretty memorable one. It’s all truly remarkable, so much you did above and beyond to make everything and everyone come together so effectively without worrying us when avoidable. That’s real devotion and capability that lead us right into and through the perfect wedding. And our guests were clearly floored by it all. We are forever grateful to you and please feel free to use this email as a referral to anyone who is lucky enough to find you and have a chance to retain you. We’d also of course be happy to post our thoughts / ratings wherever you’d like…
We are so very thankful for all that you did for us and in such a seamless way that left nothing to chance wherever chance could be controlled or mitigated. Simply remarkable.”

Robert W., Groom

“Thanks so much, Jutta!! Really really from the bottom of my heart, you helped give us the wedding of our dreams, even in the face if everything crazy that we threw at you or showed up last second! Thanks so much for your quick stepping up and directing of the timeline! Everything we wanted was literally in the wedding!!!! It all happened!! You got us there!! I have no words!! You seriously helped us pull of the wedding of the year! Our guests were so so so happy!!! We’re not sure what’s going on with Emerson, but we are not going to let it diminish our high. We will figure it out and thanks for your help and observations.
You guys did a fab job!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you again!!!”

Carolyn T., Bride

“Jutta Lammerts and her assistant Kelsey were absolute rock stars, ensuring our wedding day was executed perfectly! Jutta pays attention to the important details while her calm demeanor allowed my husband and me to take a step back and enjoy the evening. They went above and beyond for us, we can’t speak highly enough to the professionalism and commitment from start to finish. Thank you Jutta!!!!”

Marissa V., Bride

“I’m so glad I found Jutta!
Jutta met with me over coffee for the first time and explained to me what her day-of wedding coordinator responsibility would be. I knew instantly that she’s exactly what I was looking for: calm, organized, detail-oriented, smart and reacts fast. Jutta met with my husband to be and his mom a few nights later and won them over for the same reasons.
Jutta checked in with me a few months before the wedding making sure that I have chosen all my vendors. When I needed suggestions and referrals, she was there to help. During the month before the wedding, Jutta emailed my vendors with drafts of timeline and made sure they had what they needed. A few vendors commented on how organized she was and were all impressed.
Jutta showed up for the rehearsal and waited patiently for all the wedding party to arrive. She was great with little kids and explained to them how important their duties were. Maybe they understood her, on our wedding day, they marched down the aisle with no glitch! The day of the wedding, Jutta stopped by my house in the morning to make sure the makeup artist was there and everything was good. She assured me that I was in good hands and I don’t need to worry about anything! She was right! I enjoyed the day of my wedding knowing Jutta was there to take care of things. What impressed me the most, was when our wedding ended, Jutta stayed till past midnight to make sure the take down was done completely. Jutta goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect.
I am happy I found Jutta. You would be happy to have Jutta there for you on your big day!”

Shaina H., Bride

“Jutta was the very first person we booked for our wedding and it was a decision we were continuously grateful for throughout the planning of our wedding. The decisions were endless and the details were numerous – Jutta kept us on track at every turn to ensure the day of our wedding was everything we’d hoped it would be. From the minute you meet Jutta, you know you’re in good hands. She’s professional, organized and always on. She provided amazing recommendations – from the venue to vendors to things as simple as our guest book – her contacts, experience and overall calm helped ensure our wedding day was magical. We would strongly recommend Jutta and her services to help you plan your wedding – she’s an absolute pro …we can’t imagine having done our wedding without her!”

Laura M., Bride

“My dear bride chose Jutta to help with wedding planning and coordination. At first, since we planned a modest wedding with plenty of help from friends, I thought: do we really need a wedding coordinator? Now I can honestly say that we could not have done it without Jutta. She was extremely organized, patient and helpful, and was a veritable fountain of clever ideas that made our event unique and successful. On the day of the event, it was a huge relief to know that this capable woman was watching over every detail of the proceedings and taking that responsibility from our shoulders. The moral of our story is: if you even suspect you might need Jutta’s help — you do!”

Lincoln S., Groom

“Today, you have wrapped up their love story in sparkles and love beams for us to cherish forever. Wish I had another daughter to marry so I could attend another over the top, dreams come true, hearts filled with joy beautiful day! I will NEVER forget this one. Xoxox You are THE Best!
Many blessings to you beautiful Jutta,
With an abundance of Love and Gratitude,
Bonnie xo”

Bonnie H., Mother of the Bride

“Where to start?!? The whole Day Like No Other staff are extremely friendly yet, forward enough to deal with the high stress of planning a wedding. It was the most important day of our lives and they made sure to make us feel such. Furthermore, they shield us from the stress and anxiety of dealing with vendors, decor, etc. The planning was a breeze! They were very organized, kept detailed journals and to-do lists with deadlines, allowing us to work as a team to plan our event. They were so knowledgeble about every detail, and even brought to light things we didn’t even think of.
Lastly, they are extremely connected within the community. They have a Rolodex of the top vendors in the industry. It doesn’t matter if your budget is small or huge, they will search within their network to meet your needs. But if they don’t have the connection, Jutta and team will do the endless research to approve a vendor to make sure they meet your standards.
Jutta and her staff come highly recommended. We searched for months for the right venue and event planning company and would be as bold as to say, Day Like No Other is the best event planning agency in the Bay Area.”

Francisco T., Groom

“Dear Jutta,
Thank you for making my wedding day non-stressful! You’re a wonderful woman…”

Michele B., Bride

“Dear Jutta,
You rock! You absolutely rock! What a pleasure knowing and working with you!
I am so happy we met!”

Annette S., Florist

It’s you the maestro that needs the thanks….always enjoy working with you…..XO”

Deidre R., Florist

“Hi Jutta,
Thanks for all your help! You made everything smooth and it all exceeded my expectation! Erik and I still can’t believe it all happened it feels like a dream!”

Shaina H., Bride

“Jutta, you were awesome, to say the least. Thanks for being a great leader and coordinating the day.
It was a pleasure working with all of you. I look forward to being on your team in the future.”

Monique A., Lighting Designer

“Jutta, thank you for being the woman on the spot at our wedding at all times! You’re phenomenal…”

Lincoln S., Groom

“Jutta, WIPA USA has a great friend in you! You and Melanie not only knocked yourselves out producing a fabulous meeting at the Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco, but your subsequent blog post here is so comprehensive and beautiful. You really do things right!”

Thomas H., Videographer

“What an incredible job Jutta did. Everything was well-thought out and incredibly organized. As a wedding photographer, I have the chance to work with dozens of different planners and it is incredibly refreshing to work with someone like Jutta! It makes everyone’s day (bride + groom, other vendors) so much better, which translates into an excellent experience.
If you are still deciding on a planner, give Jutta a call and just chat with her. I know that you will be impressed.”

Mark T., Photographer

”Jutta: Thank you so much for everything; we feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to have your services, enthusiasm and love for your job … This is truly a fairy tale wedding, despite of the amounts of money we will or won’t spend. Yes, Jutta, let me echo Francisco. We really are just thrilled about how everything is coming along and feel so blessed to have you working so hard for us.
Thank you!!”

Lauren C. and Francisco T., Bride and Groom

“My 09/15/12 wedding went off without a hitch thanks to Jutta of A Day Like No Other. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her! A bride has about a thousand tasks to accomplish and details to think about, but thanks to Jutta, I was able to just enjoy my special day. On my wedding day and throughout the wedding planning process, Jutta was on top of everything – There was not one detail that she let slip by. And, she went above and beyond helping us plan and create décor that fit perfectly with our “vintage San Francisco glamour” themed wedding. Jutta truly has an eye for elegance, is very knowledgeable about the wedding process, and has amazing ideas that will ensure a spectacular event.
More than that, however, Jutta was a pleasure to work with. She was always very responsive when I contacted her, and proactive about reminding me of decisions that needed to be made or tasks that needed to be completed. For a busy bride like me, it was great to have her keeping me on track.”

Alexa W., Bride

“We recently worked with Jutta (who was amazing) at a wedding just last month. First off just wanted to say everything went together perfectly. From the emails before hand, to us arriving and being shown exactly where to set-up. Also, she was very helpful through out the entire event, checking on us and just making sure everything was ok.”

Sai K., Vendor

“My wife and I loved every minute of our wedding and Jutta was THE driving force behind the amazing evening. She was professional, punctual, and very easy to contact. She brought her own ideas to the table, but also really listened to us and honored our ideas. I would highly recommend her!”

Isaac J., Groom

“She’s positive, accommodating and very friendly to her customers as well as the staff. Every little detail was spot on but most importantly she came up with creative ideas that made the day memorable.”

Eunice B., Maid of Honor

“I had the pleasure of working with Jutta a couple of weeks ago.

First and foremost, she is very professional. She was always quick to answer her phone and answered any question I had. When I arrived, she helped me get situated, brought my up to speed and kept me updated on all of the big moments (very important since I was in charge of video). Despite how hectic a wedding can be, she was very calm and collected throughout the evening.

I honestly thought the event went perfect! I have done weddings where things were a mess and no one knew what was going on but Jutta kept it together and kept things flowing in a very steady pace.
I would definitely recommend her to any couple that is thinking about getting a coordinator to assist them with their big day. With Jutta’s help, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy your big day and who doesn’t want that?!?!”

Augusto L., Vendor

“My daughter’s wedding could not have been in more capable hands than Jutta’s. She brought an abundance of knowledge and energy to work with her, and worked as hard on our event as if it was own. Jutta is the professional to hire.”

Lucinda W., Mother of the Bride

“I am a hair and makeup artist and this is the second time I have worked with Jutta. She was one time, very responsive to the Bride’s needs…she was on top of everything. She stayed from beginning to end making sure that that the ceremony and the reception went according to the schedule. i will recommend Jutta to any of my new Brides…”

Marine V., Vendor

“Jutta showed great sensitivity to the bride and groom’s tastes when she set an elegant stage for [their] Wedding in San Francisco. Her online photographs attest to that. She contacted me, the cellist for the wedding, in advance to be sure I had everything I needed to perform comfortably in the lovely and very intimate garden venue. She was professional and courteous throughout the event and I would not hesitate to recommend Jutta and A Day Like No Other to future brides.”

Suellen P., Vendor

“My wedding at the end of this September went perfectly. My husband and I conversed with Jutta regarding the rental of our venue for the wedding ceremony. She was patient with all of our emails and questions, she responded very quickly, gave insightful advice and recommendations for caterers and other services that we were looking into (or didn’t even think to look into). She even took the time to show us some scenic spots around the venue’s neighborhood (of which she was familiar with) for us to use for wedding photos on our wedding day. Jutta is very comfortable to talk to you and never felt like she was rushing us. It was a joy working with her. Thank you Jutta!”

Melissa L., Bride

“We had the great pleasure of working with Jutta on a wedding we catered this past weekend. The wedding was one of the best I have ever attended or worked on (and that is MANY!) and I feel a lot of that was because of Jutta’s fantastic organization, attitude and spirit. She is a wonderful problem solver and tasker and it was clear that she was coming from a place of passion, not just work. If you are looking for a caring, professional person to help with your wedding, look no further!”

Kristin H., Vendor

“Jutta from A Day Like No Other Events was an integral part of our wedding at Stern Grove in San Francisco. Jutta worked closely with us in the months leading up to the wedding to brainstorm decor ideas, coordinate vendors, and help us remember all the little details. On the day of our wedding, Jutta hit the ground running and never stopped. I swear- she was moving the entire night. She worked so hard to make sure every aspect of our evening was exactly as we had specified. Because of her hard work, my husband and I were able to relax and dance the night away. – Thank you so much for all your hard work, Jutta! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Nicole S., Bride

“Jutta was amazing to work with. Everything was under control and beautifully executed. She paid attention to the smallest details with confident and positive attitude. Great team player!!”

Zehava D., Officiant

“Jutta was very helpful both before and during the wedding. She made sure that I had a schedule, all my questions were answered, and that the cupcakes I provided for the wedding were taken care of after I departed the venue. She was professional and kind, tending to all the details with poise and a smile.”

Elspeth P., Vendor

“Jutta, the founder of A Day Like No Other, designed and coordinated my wedding in Carmel Valley, California, last summer. It was a three-day destination wedding including our dog – and guests from three continents! The whole celebration was held in three different venues, so the logistics were quite complicated. Jutta created every aspect of the design from the earliest “idea” stage to flawless execution, including custom invitations, choice of venue, choice of wedding gown, floral and cake design, ceremony and reception music, bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s gifts, and even designed and created personalized wedding favors! She organized every aspect of the celebration, including the Rehearsal Dinner, transportation, guest accommodations, and Honeymoon booking. No detail was too tiny… Jutta worked tirelessly, and the result was a breathtakingly elegant wedding celebration that guests are still raving about. I recommend Jutta highly – for her unparalleled professionalism, work ethic, creativity, impeccable taste, and, last but not least, for her warm and friendly personality! She truly made our wedding a day neither of us will ever forget. It was the perfect wedding, or in other words “A Day Like No Other.”

Zheng Y., Bride

“The [welcome] bags were beautiful! Both hotels said they never had such nice bags delivered–they were a hit! … Thanks for everything…”

Kathy S., Mother of the Groom

“Wow, you are amazing to put together all those samples… Your creativity has no limits, as I had imagined…”

Jean M., Wedding Coordinator/Colleague

“Thank you for the beautiful ideas. … I love your ideas, you have a great talent.”

Summer W., Bride

“You are really good! I can’t believe you really put this all the contacts, pictures and board together for us. It makes me feel like you really listened to me and you are taking it on like it’s your project already. It is so sweet of you! I saw the pinterest board last night and couldn’t believe you personalized it for me already. It really means a lot Some pictures I have pinned already myself so you get what I am going for. Love the tips and ideas you suggested.”

Grace C., Bride

“Oh Jutta, thank you so much. You have a wonderful imagination!”

Leah G., Mother of the Groom

“Dear Jutta,
Thank you so much for all of your help! You’ve been wonderful to work with… We had an amazing wedding…”

Andrea G., Bride

“Hello, Jutta,
We did it! We’re hitched! And it was just wonderful. Everyone was so taken with the venue – we couldn’t have asked for a better space. Moreover, we couldn’t have asked for better communication from you; you answered messages with alacrity and charm, to boot. 
Thank you for all your work along the way to make that possible.”

Anna B., Bride

“Thank you again … It is very refreshing to have a professional planner who does not overlook the minor details even after the event is through. Your are a visibly experienced planner and it’s appreciated in this chaotic industry. I am confident in your ability and I’m excited to put someone in your care for weddings at THE BOX SF. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.”

Danielle A., Onsite Venue Manager

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Jutta for my September 2012 wedding. She was the epitome of professionalism and, as a result of her hard work, the wedding went off without a hitch. Throughout the wedding-planning process, Jutta stayed on top of the overall timeline while offering sage advice on even the smallest of details. The day-of was a whirlwind, with vendors upon vendors running around working on their individual projects. Jutta managed the team wonderfully, while keeping her eye on the big picture. And the big picture was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

Sean M., Groom

“Jutta was an amazing support for my wedding! I met her when visiting the Forest Hill Clubhouse, the eventual site of our wedding. After a few more visits and after posing more and more questions, she offered her services. While I was overwhelmed with details and organization at first, Jutta guided me through and helped me to take more of a creative approach. Our initial, bare minimum, idea for the decor turned into simple, easy and beautiful additions that enhanced the ceremony and party without ever diminishing what was most important to us: celebrating our union with friends and family. Jutta was great at organizing the rehearsal, wedding day, and reception and reminding me of details that I had forgotten. She was always available, extremely professional, and very amusing to work with in her no-nonsense way. Thanks to Jutta, she made our wedding the best day of our life!”

Virginia S., Bride

“Hello Jutta,
Wow, you work fast and know your stuff! First off, thank you so much for the email and the pinterest board … you have nailed it on so many things, ex: we have an old typewriter already, it’s a minty green color and I was already planning on using it for the guest book … You totally nailed it, and read my mind.”

Cherice M., Bride

“I had the pleasure of working with Jutta over the 9-month period we had to plan our wedding – and she immediately put me at ease. She knows her stuff, she’s a great communicator, and she genuinely loves what she does – and really, what more is there to ask for?
It’s funny – until I read [the] reviews, I always had the impression that my wedding was her only concern – my emails were always answered quickly and fully, and she was always so on top of her game.
I realize now that she had quite a few other weddings going on in September – so what I was experiencing was none other than good ol’ awesome service.
I think the highest praise I can give Jutta is that I felt really taken care of – every e-mail and question was answered quickly and with great attention, and she was as invested in our wedding as we were!
She was incredibly professional but also a delight to work with – I highly recommend her; she loves what she does, and it shows.”

Anna B., Bride

“Dear Jutta: This is with so much gratitude to you for making the party so wonderful, and being so cooperative and warm.”

Leah G., Mother of the Groom

“Dear Jutta,
The event went far more smoothly because of your gracious offer to help us with detail and to put out so many of the unexpected fires. Please know how much I appreciate all your effort and hard work both before and during the wedding.”

Carol S., Mother of the Groom

“Jutta’s the best wedding planner in town!”

Fernando F., Caterer

“Jutta is a wonderful, extremely efficient, and very professional wedding planner. I put a lot of effort into every detail of our wedding which I enjoyed, but on the day I just wanted to relax and not worry about anything, especially things happening on time, Jutta took care of everything! 

She was invariably quick to respond to each and every email and question I sent her way and made it seem like my wedding was the only thing happening in her world. Most of all she helped me create a wedding that reflected “us” which was very important to my husband and I.

I recommend her, ten fold!”

Cherice & Michael G., Bride and Groom

“My daughter‘s wedding in September was managed by Jutta and it went off without a glitch, Jutta was qualified to make this a memorable event for our family and friends. I would highly recommend her as a competent wedding planner.
Thank you Jutta for memorable event.”

Eugene W., Father of the Bride

“Like many unfortunate couples, my wife and I had decided to try plan and execute our wedding all on our own. Big mistake. Fortunately for us, Jutta was able and willing to step in late in the planning process and help us pull together all the loose ends. Our wedding was a smashing success–thanks Jutta!”

Greg H., Groom

“I was invited to perform at a March wedding where the couple’s plans had suddenly gone completely awry and they were dearly needing the help of a very skillful, quick thinking, seasoned wedding planner. Lucky for them that they found Jutta. She not only came to their rescue, but did it with signature class, elegance and effectiveness. I give her 5 stars and look forward to any future opportunities to work again with “A Day Like No Other.”

Suellen P., Musician

“We’re incredibly thankful we hired a wedding planner, and even more that it was Jutta. She is one elegant, friendly, unflappable, responsible, on-point woman.
The only thing I would say we should have done differently is hire her for more than just the one day.

What we noticed about her was that she was very organized, experienced, and calm, the trifecta of wedding planning. We were a hard group to wrangle and organize and keep on target; mostly everyone getting together was from out of the country (I’m Canadian, my wife French) and seeing old friends and family had everyone excited and nervous about the big day. Jutta really held us together with poise; we changed a lot of things at the last minute (processional order, where we would walk from, speeches with what dinner course, when and where we would toss the bouquet, etc.) and we were really impressed by how she went with it all, even despite the fact that we had gone over and over the order of events before hand, etc. It really was a much bigger event than we anticipated (from a details point of view), and she held it together. Professional, warm, amicable, and yet kept it on track. It was a real pleasure to work with Jutta, and we highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have a low stress wedding.”

Andrew C., Groom

“Jutta was great and made our dream wedding flow smooth. We got married 8-10-13 at the golden gate club in the Presidio, and Jutta did everything from walking the dog, grabbing girls bouquets who forgot them, kept us on schedule with all the ceremonial things that go on, set up the hall along with the catorers. She was a joy to have a wedding planner and always did what was needed with a smile.
Thanks Jutta for helping out with our big day.”

Fabian R., Groom

“Jutta coordinated a wedding that my band played at in Monterey. She was a pleasure to work with. First, before the wedding, we communicated over email, and she did a great job at making sure everyone was on the same page and that all the details were worked out. Then, over the course of the 6 or 7 hours we were at the wedding itself, I could see how well she kept everything running smoothly. I saw someone who was meticulous, dependable, professional, calm, and organized. In the end, the couple had a delightful wedding day, and I know Jutta definitely had a part in that!”

Luke A., Band Leader

“We are a florist in the Bay Area, and we have had the pleasure of working with Jutta on a number of occasions. She is always professional and is the person that you want to have at your wedding to make sure it runs smoothly. We see a lot of behind the scene situations, and we can testify that she absolutely goes the extra mile for her brides! Wonderful lady, and a joy to work with!”

Diana R., Florist

“My Photography and Video crew had the pleasure of working with Jutta at Diahann and Brent’s wedding. She was very organized and took care of everyone who was involved in the wedding. Jutta was very calm and collected when there were last minutes changes. I was impressed with her detail and organization to run the wedding smoothly. Her professionalism and grace made the whole team feel calm in doing their job and working towards the same goal. You could definitely rely on her to get the job done and do it well. I would love to have the pleasure of working with her again.”

Christine Ann I., Videographer

“Thank you so much, Jutta!!! We had an amazing time, thank you for your diligent efforts to make everything happen so smoothly! It was truly a magical experience.”

Cassie M., Bride

“You were fantastic Jutta, we can’t thank you enough.”

Jason H., Groom

“Jutta did a fantastic job on my daughters wedding. I couldn’t be more pleased. She was incredibly detail oriented, asked excellent questions, anticipated needs, suggested solutions and and formatted an excellent flow of events and kept everything moving. Most importantly, she accomplished all of this while remaining calm and focused. On the day of the wedding, she presented a calm demeanor while organizing and executing every detail. Attendees commented repeatedly that everyone had a wonderful time, the wedding was so much fun and it flowed so smoothly. This was certainly due in part to all of Jutta’s excellent planning and assistance. I highly recommend her services. And, her personality and willingness to help made her a joy to work with. She is a really nice person too!”

Linda R., Mother of the Bride