A Day Like No Other

Wedding Coordination & Design

Creating For You a Wedding as Special as You Are –
We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves

A Day Like No Other is a boutique full service wedding planning company. We will work with you “far and wide” – not only in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, but also down the Peninsula as far south as Monterey/Carmel and up north to the Napa/Sonoma Wine Country.

A Day Like No Other is also a true labor of love: We absolutely love every moment of our work, we enjoy jumping into the excitement of planning with our brides (and grooms), of brainstorming ideas, developing a design scheme, and of making their Great Day come true for them, guiding our couples through the myriad details and decisions and making the planning a fun and rewarding experience. After all, for most couples planning their wedding is their first big “joint venture,” and we want that to be a huge success!

About Me

Hi, I am Jutta, the founder and lead event planner and designer at A Day Like No Other; and I am so excited to have you here! Thanks for visiting!

So - what would be interesting to know about me? Mmhhh... let’s see.

I am a physician by training (in my native Germany), and I also have a background in Art History and Design. When my own kids asked me to be their wedding planner, I was hooked! I had, in fact, found my new vocation, and that was the starting point for A Day Like No Other – Wedding Coordination and Design.

Several years and many weddings later, I am still as thrilled and as enthusiastic about wedding planning as ever – just ask my brides and the colleagues with whom I am collaborating for my events. And what am I doing when I am not planning and designing a wedding or a big professional event?

I love to cook (and I am told I am doing it really well) and even more to bake (same here) – everything fresh and from scratch. I love classical music and I love spending time with my family (the most important thing in my life!) and I love walking and playing with our dog Buzz. He is meanwhile the Senior in the family and “the boss.” And he was - you guessed it – the inspiration for my business specialty: dog-friendly weddings. Sometimes he even tags along when I meet my clients!

Please Meet my Fabulous Team

I am so lucky to have three wonderful young women as my assistants – smart, efficient, motivated and just as enthusiastic about weddings as I am!

Kelsey Holtzinger is a true veteran of the events industry with 6+ years of experience in the field! There is not much she hasn’t seen yet at the countless events she has managed, and she truly gets things done. And she is a dedicated dog owner and dog lover, taking care of our canine clients on wedding day.

Angeliki Menig got to weddings just the same way as I did – by planning her own wedding! She has been working with me since late 2013, and we are a great match. She helps to develop design schemes, manages vendor relations and can singlehandedly orchestrate multi-day wedding events.

Quan, the latest addition to our team, is just completing her degree in Hospitality Studies. From the first wedding on that she's worked with us - she's been hooked! The joy and excitement of weddings is somehow contagious, it would seem....

I am so happy I can rely on them from planning through wedding day including the inevitable last minute changes. Together we’re an awesome team!